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We are pleased to invite you to the Alaverdoba wine festival. This is an annual festival dedicated to the harvest and wine. The festival will be held from September 21 until September 23, 2016 in Georgia. For three days, the participants of the festival will enjoy tastings and meetings with leading Georgian wine producers, and will become familiar with Georgian spiritual culture. The culmination of the program will be the celebration in Alaverdi Monastery — the largest centre of Georgian spiritual culture and wine making.

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Alaverdi Monastery
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21-23 September 2016

Wine Tasting Holiday
A trip to immerse in Alaverdi culture,
where wine is more than just wine



Gathering in Tbilisi

Participants of Alaverdoba festival should arrive no later than September 20.

Booking a hotel in Tbilisi in advance is recommendable.

Day One. Mimino

Alaverdoba_2016September 21

The first day of the festival begins in the mountainous region of Tusheti, where participants will be transferred from Tbilisi. According to the scenario, a pilot, just like the character from Georgi Danelia’s comedy Mimino, flies the festival participants by helicopter from Tbilisi to the mountain village of Omalo, the main village of Tusheti. The village is situated in a remote location at an altitude of 1,900 meters above the sea level, between the Main Caucasian Ridge and Pirikiti (Internal Tushetian Ridge).

Many different legends are associated with this place.

Day One. Mimino

Despite the remoteness, the region has been attracting people here from the ancient times. In antiquity, this place was associated with the goddess Cybele. Here were performed rituals and sacraments and one local legend says

Day One. Mimino

that the goddess used to appear in these mountains in her golden chariot drawn by lions. According to another legend, Omalo is a place where the gods lived, guarded by the phovely, the ancestors of today’s Georgians from Pshavi region.

After the introduction of Christianity, the place continued to embody the power of nature, which is represented by the Virgin Mary in this region. Local churches belong to the diocese of Alaverdi, that is why Alaverdi Monastery is considered as the main sacred place, and Alaverdoba — as the main holiday.

The programme includes a visit to the local Ethnographic Museum, introduction to Tushetian culture, master-class

Day One. Mimino

in making cheese and tasting of mountain Georgian cuisine, master-class in knitting carpets and clothes, trekking on horseback, mini-concert with Tushetian dances and songs accompanied on the panduri and harmon.

In the evening, there is a flight from Omalo to Lopota.

Day Two. Alaverdi

Alaverdoba_2016September 22

The ceremonial part of the festival in Alaverdi Monastery. This day is dedicated to the traditions of Georgian spiritual culture and wine making. The ancient fertility festival Alaverdoba is the Kakhetian New Year and it is historically associated with Alaverdi Monastery, the spiritual centre of Georgian culture. St. George Cathedral, which dates back to the 11th century, is nominated for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The programme includes solemn message from Amba Alaverdi Metropolitan David, ceremony of awarding winners of the 2016 Alavi awards, presentations from various experts,

Day Two. Alaverdi

tasting of monastery wines and wine auction.

Festival participants will have a unique opportunity to get familiar with the incredible Alaverdi Monastery wines which require a special approach to appreciating and understanding of this beverage, which will be explained in detail by the experts. But the most important thing on this day is the space of Alaverdi Monastery itself, which is filled with grace. This will be a true purification of all the festival participants on this blessed Georgian land.

Another equally interesting opportunity on this day is to try the traditional Alaverdi cultured dairy drink matsoni, which has a truly excellent quality.

Day Two. Alavi Awards 2016

Премия АлавиOn the second day of the festival, there will be held the awarding of the winners of the international Alavi Awards 2016, founded by the Alaverdi Monastery.

Premia_AlaviThe Award nominees are wines, wine events, individuals and organizations that support the historical traditions of wine making. The prize is awarded every two years in three categories: Wine as a sacred drink, Wine Space and Master of Wine.  The winners are announced and awarded during Alaverdoba festival… Read more >

Day Two. Auction

alaverdi-rkaciteliSeptember 22 is the official day of the festival`s solemn programme. On this day, in Alaverdi Monastery, will be held an auction of a unique monastic wine — Rkatsiteli 2009.

A special category of wines, famous particularly in Georgia, will be represented by the mature Kakhetian white wines.  A lot of secrets are hidden in this ancient tradition: the unique local grape varieties, the dense grape must called «chacha» by the locals, which contains the entire periodic table, and the magic vessel kvevri, inside of which a real miracle happens… Read more >

Day Three. Sexton Badagoni

2016_Alaverdoba_den3-1September 23

On September 23, Alaverdoba festival is all about music. The day begins to the strains of the Alazani Valley in Nekresi Monastery pointed by Saint Abibus as a place of divine sound. Saint Abibus is one of the 13 legendary Syrian Fathers — the founders of Georgian monasticism.

The programme includes: visits to private cellars, familiarizing with small-scale wine making in Kakheti region.

Day Three. Sexton Badagoni

The festival will end with the celebration of Kakhetian New Year. In the evening, the festival guests will enjoy the Sexton Party kindly organized and hosted by Badagoni wine company whose philosophy is the preservation and improvement of the local traditions.


Day Three. Sexton Badagoni

Badagoni represents the modern Georgian aristocracy, reminding us of the old Georgian princely houses that were preserving and improving the society. Symbolically, the Badagoni winery, which has introduced a completely new  wine making product for Kakheti region, is located at the place of birth of Alaverdoba traditions, near the famous Alaverdi Monastery. Being so close, the monastery is as if blessing Badagoni in its efforts to preserve and expend the great traditions.

The programme also includes the presentation of sparkling Sexston Badagoni Brut — wine given birth by Badagoni on Alaverdi lands. Sexston Badagoni is the musical sixth chord of the festival.

Participation fee

Registration before
July 1, 2016
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July 1, 2016



For participants of Longevity programme from September 24 until September 29, 2016



  • Prices are shown in USD.

Participation fee

  • Registration is only valid upon receipt of full prepayment and will close once the capacity is reached.
  • The price of the tour does not include accommodation and meals.
  • The price includes tour programme, transfers and tastings included in the programme.
  • During tastings all participants will be offered only fasting meals. Meat and fish dishes are excluded.
  • The programme may undergo some changes.
  • The organization and assistance with accommodation is provided separately and is not considered after July 1, due to the event realization during the high season.


Lopota Hotel Price per room, per night
Single room $140
Double room $160
  • Prices are shown in USD.
  • The price of the tour does not include accommodation.
  • The organization and assistance with accommodation is provided separately and is not considered after July 1, due to the event realization during the high season.

The dress code for visiting the monastery


  • Long dress or skirt that is not higher than the level of the shin
  • Shawl to cover the head.


  • Shirts or T-shirts with long sleeves
  • Trousers or jeans

Please keep hidden as much as possible elements of the external body decoration (tattoos, piercings, etc.).


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Alaverdi Monastery

Alaverdi Monastery

There are such places in the world that express the meaning and essence of the existence on Earth. One of these places is Alaverdi Monastery where a unique event is awating us — the Alaverdoba festival.

Alaverdoba fertility festival is the Kakhetian New Year and it is historically associated with Alaverdi in particular…

Alaverdi wine is more than just wine

Alaverdoba — Monastery wines festival: alaverdi sosud kveri

Wine made in earthenware vessels kvevri lifts the spirits. Wine that receives its power in the process of its making and into which the winemakers have put their hearts, is more than wine. In Alaverdi Monastery, all this forms a sacred space. A space, where, in fact, both the monastery and the vine, from which the wine is made, are located.

So, to talk about and to perceive wine the same way as a thousand years ago is possible, but only in certain places, one of which is Alaverdi Monastery, where the fundamental law of wine making — sincerity and honesty — is implemented. Where each glass of wine is a chalice filled with a luminous drink.

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Alaverdi wines

Alaverdi wines

View from the Monastery

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