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Alaverdi wines

 Alaverdoba — Monastery wines festival: alaverdi sosud kveriKakhetia is an ancient land of centuries-old traditions of vine cultivation and people who respect these traditions and their place of living. There is no other place in the world with more than 500 local autochthonous grape varieties.  Georgian wines are different from the European wines. Even those that are produced by using imported modern technologies carry a unique identity of their birthplace, variety and a sense of lightness. Indeed, it is the lightness in the perception and voluminosity, despite the pronounced tanninity and astringency of Kakhetian wines.

Alaverdi Monastery keeps alive the processes that bring us back to the source, to the meaning of existence. A real miracle is happening here. This miracle resides in the phenomenon of great wine, the life-giving essence, which is created through the work and service of Alaverdi monks.

This place preserves the traditional technology of ageing the white Kakhetian wines in kvevri vessels stored in the historical monastery cellar from the 9th century. «Wine is the existence on earth and in heaven» — says Bishop David, Metropolitan of Alaverdi. The traditional monastic white wines have received numerous international awards and were highly appreciated by such an authoritative critics like Jancis Robinson.

It is a place that blurs the boundaries between history and everyday life, a place where nowadays we can experience immersion in the tradition of bygone days.  It is a real miracle that today’s Alaverdi wine is the same as it was a thousand years ago. We have the opportunity to experience the time, when the wine bore the idea of mystery.  «Wine made in kvevri fills the human soul with joy» — says Metropolitan Bishop David. In Alaverdi Monastery this is connected with the power of the space.


alaverdi-sosud2No other wine can be the same as it was ten centuries ago. In order to reproduce similar conditions, a laboratory is needed, and such a laboratory is Alaverdi Monastery, the place where time seems to stop.  So, to talk about and to perceive wine the same way as a thousand years ago is possible, but only in certain places, one of which is Alaverdi Monastery, where the fundamental law of wine making  is implemented — sincerity and honesty, where each glass of wine is a chalice filled with a luminous drink.

Of course, especially I would like to mention the uniqueness of the white wine that has a power which, perhaps, we can see only here.  With all due respect to the good and even great wines, it is only in Alaverdi  where we can find wine with such power and goodness.  And even though we can talk about why and how it happens, still — it is impossible without a miracle.  The power and the spectrum of the local Rkatsiteli … It is hard to even imagine that such a thing is possible!

All the white wines of the monastery have soul, they are in development and have power and growth.  If you want to discover the code of wine, wine not just as a product, but as a gene that reveals the power of space, then you should join the sacrament of Alaverdi.

Alaverdi wines

Alaverdi wines

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