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alaverdi-rkaciteliAlaverdi Kixi 2011

Region: Akhmeta Municipality, Kakheti, Georgia
Grapes: Kixi
Type: white dry
Style: Traditional Georgian
Features: Kakhetian technology


Alaverdi Monastery Cellar is the brand winery of Alaverdi Monastery. This is the historic center of the spiritual culture and of wine-making in Georgia. Wine has been made here since the 11 century. The vineyards are located around the monastery at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains in the Alazani Valley (Kakheti). Alaverdi Wines are unique – they are made by the oenologist of the monastery, Dr. Teimuraz Glonti.

The wine is kept and ages in special clay jugs, called kvevri. According to the ancient Georgian tradition the fermentation of the grapes ocurs in these earthen vessels, and the grapes are put in together with the skins, seeds, pulp, and even the bunchstems. These wines are very different from the wines produced by the European technology. The Kakheti production method gives rounded tannins and a high level of antioxidants — this wine is very good for your health.


The autochthonous white Georgian variety Kixi (Magranuli Kixi, Magranuli) dates back to the 5-6 century BC. Currently, Kixi wine are quite rare. This is a very demanding variety and Alaverdi winery has made impressive progress with it.

Tasting notes

The wine is of high quality, characterized by a dark straw color, well expressed fruity aroma, tenderness and fullness, velvety and harmonious taste.


Jancis Robinson 17/20
Code de Vino 96/100

Alaverdi wines

Alaverdi wines

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