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Mcvane Kakhuri


Alaverdi Mcvane Kakhuri 2011

Region: Akhmeta Municipality, Kakheti, Georgia
Grapes: Mcvane Kakhuri
Type: white dry
Style: Traditional Georgian
Features: Kakhetian technology
Ideal serving temperature: 14—16 °С


The Alaverdi Mcvane Kakhuri 2011 monastery wine is produced in the winery of the Alaverdi monastery. The wine is made from Mtsvane Kakhuri — an autochthonous Georgian grape variety. It is used in blends of such famous brands as Tsinandali, Gurjaani and Manavi, which are produced by the European method.
Mtsvane has two varieties: Mtsvane Kakhuri and Mtsvane Goruli. Kakhuri is traditionally cultivated in Kakheti, and the Goruli — in Gori. A characteristic feature of Mtsvane Kakhuri is its pronounced flavor — this is one of the most fragrant varieties of Kakheti. The flavor is most clearly manifested in the fruity wines produced by Kakhetian technology.

Tasting notes

The wine is of amber color, balanced, with pleasant sweet fruity notes in its flavor, mild tannins and a subtly sweet taste. This wine has a widely varied bouquet and taste, it’s characterized by high content of antioccidants.


Code de Vino 94/100

Alaverdi wines

Alaverdi wines

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