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alaverdi-rkaciteliAlaverdi Saperavi 2011

Region: Akhmeta municipality, Kakheti, Georgia
Grapes: Saperavi
Type: dry red
Style: Traditional Georgian
Features: Kakhetian technology
Ideal serving temperature: 14-16 ° C.


Alaverdi Saperavi 2011 is produced in the winery of the Alaverdi monastery. Saperavi is the only grape variety used in the monastery for the production of red wine. This autochthonous Georgian grape variety is the closest relative of the grapes used in ancient times for the production of the very first wine. In the Saperavi variety not only the skin of the berries is red but also the flesh, hence the variety got its name, which means ‘red’ in Georgian.

The Alaverdi Monastery uses only the traditional Kakhetian method of wine production. The mesh is fermented and aged as pulp in earthen vessels shaped as an amphora (kvevri). This facilitates the transfer of the maximum amount of wine phenolic compounds, it also lends special astringency and tannins to the wine, what is more the shape of the container retains the best aroma and taste of the wine. No sulfur dioxide is used for stabilizing the wines in the Alaverdi Monastery.

Tasting notes

The wine is very balanced, no over-extraction; the variety is famous for its freshness, and its aromas of berries and spring forest. The wine is a deep ruby ​​color, with a pleasant taste of cherry, black currant, blackberry. Note the well balanced rich bouquet, the well-expressed berry fruit tones and the rounded tannins.


90/100 «Code de Vino»

Alaverdi wines

Alaverdi wines

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