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Alavi Awards 2016

Премия АлавиAlavi Awards
Alaverdi Monastery, September 22, 2016

On the second day of the festival, there will be held the awarding of the winners of the international Alavi Awards 2016, founded by the Alaverdi Monastery.

The Award nominees are wines, wine events, individuals and organizations that support the historical traditions of wine making. The prize is awarded every two years in three categories: Wine as a sacred drink, Wine Space and Master of Wine.  The winners are announced and awarded during Alaverdoba festival.

Today, Alaverdi Monastery is not only an ancient monument of religious and wine culture, but also an important culturological centre for the whole world. Alaverdi Monastery is giving support to significant wine initiatives which develop the historical traditions of wine making. The task of the Awards is to support projects and people dedicated to the recreation of the true values of wine culture, a beverage considered to be a sacred drink since the ancient times.

The award nominees can be individuals, organizations and wines selected by a group of experts under the guidance of the Alaverdi Monastery. The monastery determines the nominees on the basis of applications and experts’ suggestions. The applications must be submitted to the address of the monastery or the co-organizers of Alaverdoba festival no later than nine months before the awarding ceremony.

Premia_AlaviWine as a sacred drink nomination

In this category are nominated wines produced by applying traditional methods and in compliance with the technology inherent in the region of the wine’s origin. The wine should expresses uniqueness, purity and quality. The prize in this nomination is awarded to natural signature and monastic wines which express the strength and depth of traditional wine making.

Wine space nomination

In this category are nominated places, projects or events which reveal the wine culture and develop cultural traditions associated with wine.

Master of wine nomination

Nominees in this category are winemakers, oenologists or technologists that have expressed or revealed wine as a special gift to the space.

The prize

The winners of Alavi Awards are awarded with a unique cult object: a gold leaf painting made according to the iconographic tradition, and consecrated by the monastery’s Bishop, the Amba Alaverdi Metropolitan David.

Before the award, the canvas, consecrated by the Bishop, is being filled with the spirit of Alaverdi while kept in the space of the monastery.

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