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Alaverdoba_2016Alaverdoba Wine Festival will be held in Georgia, from September 21 until September 23, 2016. Alaverdoba is an annual festival dedicated to harvest and wine. For three days, the participants of the festival will enjoy tastings and meetings with leading Georgian wine producers, and will become familiar with Georgian spiritual culture. The culmination of the program will be the celebration in Alaverdi Monastery.

The organizers of the festival are Alaverdi Monastery, Badagoni company, Spa Hotel Lopota Resort and Code de Vino magazine.

Georgia is an ancient land with a centuries-old secrets of wine making. In addition to the famous red wines, there are the unique Kakhetian white wines produced by using the classical local technology. In spite of being little known outside of Georgia, within the country the preference is given precisely to them, both for their versatility in terms of food pairing and for their exceptional health benefits.

Alaverdi Monastery preserves the traditional technology of ageing the white Kakhetian wines in kvevri vessels stored in the historical cellar from the 9th century. «Wine is the existence on earth and in heaven» — says Bishop David, Metropolitan of Alaverdi. The traditional monastic white wines have received numerous international awards and were highly appreciated by such an authoritative critics like Jancis Robinson.

The festival`s opening will be held on September 21 in the alpine village of Omalo, in the historical region of Tusheti, where the participants will be transported by a helicopter from Tbilisi. The programme of the first day includes familiarizing with the cuisine and culture of the mountain regions of Georgia, master-classes in making cheese, knitting carpets and clothes, trekking on horseback, mini-concert with local songs and dances. In the evening, there is aflight from Tusheti to Lopota.

The official part of the festival in Alaverdi Monastery will be on September 22. Alaverdoba fertility festival is the Kakhetian New Year and it is historically associated particularly with Alaverdi. The monastery is the spiritual centre of Georgian culture. St. George Cathedral, which dates back to the 11th century, is nominated for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The programme also includes the awarding of the winners of the international Alavi Awards 2016, founded by the Alaverdi Monastery. The Award nominees are wines, wine events, individuals and organizations that support the historical traditions of wine making.

On September 23, Alaverdoba festival is all about music. The day begins to the strains of the Alazani Valley in Nekresi Monastery pointed by Saint Abibus as a place of divine sound. The programme includes visits to private cellars and familiarizing with small-scale wine making.  The festival will end with the celebration of Kakhetian New Year.   In the evening, the festival guests will enjoy the Sexton Party kindly organized and hosted by Badagoni wine company whose philosophy is the preservation and improvement of the local traditions. The presentation of sparkling Sexston Badagoni Brut will be the sixth chord of the festival.

Participants of Alaverdoba festival should arrive no later than September 20. Booking a hotel in Tbilisi in advance is recommendable.

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