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alaverdi-rkaciteliSeptember 22 is the official day of the festival`s solemn programme. On this day, in Alaverdi Monastery, will be held an auction of a unique monastic wine — Rkatsiteli 2009.

A special category of wines, famous particularly in Georgia, will be represented by the mature Kakhetian white wines.  A lot of secrets are hidden in this ancient tradition: the unique local grape varieties, the dense grape must called «chacha» by the locals, which contains the entire periodic table, and the magic vessel kvevri, inside of which a real miracle happens…

But the main magic is the crystal! For their saturated bright colour and the particular tanninity, Kakhetian white wines are often called «amber» or «tea wines». But looking at a glass of Rkatsiteli 2009 from Alaverdi Monastery, one would share Bishop David’s words:  «This is gold!», and call it «golden wine». Gold is exactly what best characterizes not only the colour and appearance of this wine, but also expresses its essence — heritage, coming from the depths of the centuries, the famous gold of Colchis.

Rkatsiteli 2009 produced by the Alaverdi Monastery in kvevri, expresses the taste of a precious crystal and the space force in the crystalline radiance of gold.  It is now possible to feel and perceive the taste of gold by taking a sip of this magical elixir.

This brings a whole spectrum of sensations and experiences: softness, velvet, warmth, nectar and sonority, freshness and brilliance at the same time. The great sacrament of being introduced to the spirit of the monastery, to the holiness of this place, is carried and transmitted to everyone who was lucky to come into contact with it by this amazing wine with a golden radiance: the Alaverdi Monastery Rkatsiteli from 2009.


Starting price: $1,000

Auction date: September 22, 2016, Alaverdoba holiday

Those wishing to participate in the auction in absentia can register by filling in this form.


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